Way back when I was an active duty soldier in the United States Army, I had a wise old curmudgeon of a drill sergeant who told me, “Private, the names and faces change, everything else stays the same.”

This war-hardened infantry sergeant first class had spent many years in the Army and a few years training the revolving door of new recruits entering basic training.

His point was, there are only so many personalities in any group of people, office or organization. As he moved from unit to unit and later basic training class to basic training class he noticed…

One of the weirdest things I’ve seen (more than once) were the wall tracers at the National Security Agency (NSA) and a few at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA).

Complete weirdos…but wickedly smart people and good at what they do.

What is a “wall tracer” you’re probably asking. Well, here’s an example:

One morning while arriving early at the NGA for work, I decided to swing by the cafeteria and grab some coffee. I’m pretty sure you could hear my butt dragging like a futon mattress being lugged across the living room floor as I walked. …

Awhile back I was talking to a good friend who is a local police officer nearing retirement. I was planning to start my own training company and exploring possible client bases who could benefit from my 23 years of intelligence and marketing experience. As an experienced police officer and detective who works child abuse and molestation cases, Sara knows law enforcement inside and out.

“What is the biggest thing lacking in law enforcement training today? What’s the biggest need?” I asked her.

She went into a long discussion about possible needs; however, the first thing to roll off her tongue…

Valentine’s Day is approaching and love is in the air…or maybe it’s just the Florida humidity.

Ever wonder why we all fall for this Hallmark holiday?

I mean, maybe I’m just a grumpy old gringo…but men will easily spend $60+ on flowers that will die within days.

Tens to hundreds of dollars they will spend just to poop it out hours later.

Even a simple bottle of wine results in you literally peeing away your hard earned money.

So, what’s a better way to prove your undying love for your cookie bear???

The biggest complaints couples have is a lack…

During my recent adventures in Colombia on my way home from Afghanistan, along came a beautiful young Colombian woman of the ripe age of 21.

She was very aggressive in pursuing my gringoness and swore not to be like any previous Colombian woman I had been with or married.

SHE preferred older, mature men.

Me being nearly 47 years old, she is not in my ideal dating range at all and despite being beautiful…there’s obviously no long term possibilities.

“I have kids your age.” I told her with a laugh.

Nice girl…no thank you. I prefer to find a partner…

Not sure about you, but I enjoy someone or something that can stimulate my brain…but this wasn’t fun.

As I’ve been making my way from an undisclosed location 9,000 miles away in Afghanistan I decided to take the scenic route!

I flew from Afghanistan to Dubai (the first PCR test), then Dubai to Amsterdam (the second PCR test), then Amsterdam to Bogota (yet another PCR test) for some R&R and dental work, I’m beginning to feel a bit violated!

Then Colombia started talking all that noise about closing air traffic (land and sea borders already closed) I decided to adapt…

One of the greatest salesmen I know, who lazily earns $250–300k a year taking at times 2–3 months off, is mentioned in my new book. He is not only a mentor but a dear friend.

Anyway, this amazing salesman just told me proudly how this weekend he is attending a 3 day seminar sponsored (with only a brief appearance by, Jordan Belfort.

You know, the guy the Leonardo Di’Caprio played one the Wolf of Wall Street.

Yeah…the former Federal inmate turned “reformed” sales goo-roo.

This amazing salesman friend forked over hundreds of dollars for a bit of candy and a…

I absolutely love reading about success stories whether they help me in my business or not. Success inspires success in others.

Because of that, I recently bought Mike Lindell’s book What are the odds? From crack addict to CEO. If you’re not familiar with Mike, he’s the CEO of My Pillow…a pillow company.

Anyway, during Mike’s path to successful CEO he talks about a low point of being out of crack and searching through the cushions and underneath a couch for any unsmoked piece of crack cocaine rock to get a high.

Ironically, it’s called “farming” in drug terms. Which…

As I left Afghanistan and officially ended a 23 year intelligence career I decided to fly off to Santa Marta, Colombia for some well earned R&R.

It had been an entire year without a single day off. 12 hour shift, 7 days a week working counterintelligence while writing my new book Top Secret Selling Basic Course from an undisclosed location.

I was beat.

My mission in Colombia…visit the beach, enjoy beautiful women and get my teeth cleaned and whitened!

I asked around and searched online for a good dentist and eventually stumbled across a nice looking dental office where I…

Yet in real estate and other sales you’ll see a lot of customers gravitate towards the boobs, pretty faces, gym physiques or expensive clothing for some of the largest transactions that people make.

Hey, if you’ve got it…use it.

But what about the “normies” like you and I?

When I worked in home improvement sales, despite being an aging, overweight man with a Dad-bod, I could out sell them all.

The key to success is targeting, communication, and other interpersonal skills those big boob and gym rat salespeople don’t focus on. They don’t have to.

But while they may get…

Kory Edwards

Kory “El Grandulón” Edwards is an author, entrepreneur, marketer, MBA graduate and former Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Counterintelligence (CI) Officer.

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